BMW Tuning

We offer EcuTek and Cobb ProTuner maps to cover most of the newer BMW models (E90 – E92 3-Series, F32 4-Series, or F Series with N55 or S55 motor). We don’t just have to stick with the M models either! Whether new, or old (E36, E46) we’ve got the means to get your BMW on the dyno and get the most out of it. Heck, half of our staff owns tuned BMW’s!

Our BMW tuning covers software such as MegaSquirt, HEX, LINK Engine Management and Opensource tunes.

Cobb Pro-Tuner
HEX Tuning
Link Engine Management
DIY AutoTune

Years Experience

Tuning Systems

Custom Map Files


Dyno services include:

» Baseline (3 pulls)

» Self-Tuning

» Custom Tunes (Gas, e85, Flex Fuel, and alternative fuels)


We offer Custom eTunes for:

» Nissan (Gas and e85)

» Subaru (Gas, e85, and Flex Fuel)