Ford Tuning

Ford Raptor Tuning Now Available! As a certified Cobb ProTuner we are able to offer custom dyno protunes on 3.5L Raptors (2017-current).

We also offer dyno tunes via HPTuners for V8 Raptors (2011 – 2014).

Want to take your Raptor to the next level?

Being a certified Cobb ProTuner we can now offer the Cobb Stage 2 Power Package with Transmission Control Module. This works with both the Raptor (2017 – Current) and the F-150 Limited (2019 – 2020), bringing upgrades that include Cobb’s V3 Accessport, Cobb Front Mount Intercooler and Cobb Intake.

Combine these upgrades with a custom dyno protune from us and watch as other Raptor owners are left wondering where their power went!

Have a Ford car that you want to get more out of? Cobb offers tuning solutions for the Focus, Fiesta and Mustang too.

Have something a bit more out of the ordinary you want tuned? Maybe a Ford GT? We offer dyno tuning for practically all of Ford’s lineup through HPTuners.

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Dyno services include:

» Baseline (3 pulls)

» Self-Tuning

» Custom Tunes (Gas, e85, Flex Fuel, and alternative fuels)


We offer Custom eTunes for:

» Nissan (Gas and e85)

» Subaru (Gas, e85, and Flex Fuel)