Custom Dyno Tunes

MoFab is also proud to offer tuning services on our AWD DynoJet Dyno. We have tuned some of the fastest cars in Colorado across many different tuning platforms. Nick McMahan (previously with MAC Autosport), is our in-house calibrator and brings over 18 years experience tuning experience on 40+ systems. We tune to optimize for high-altitude, e85 fuel conversion, and flex fuel tunes (both gas and e85), allowing you to run more boost and make more power!

Years Experience

Tuning Systems

Custom Map Files


Dyno services include:

» Baseline (3 pulls)

» Self-Tuning

» Custom Tunes (Gas, e85, Flex Fuel, and alternative fuels)


We offer Custom eTunes for:

» Nissan (Gas and e85)

» Subaru (Gas, e85, and Flex Fuel)