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The performance parts and/or performance services is/are sold without any express warranty of merchantability or fitment for a particular purpose. Mofab LLC shall not be liable under any circumstances for an special, incidental and/or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damage and/or loss of profits or revenue, cost of purchased or replacement parts, or claims of customers of the purchaser, which may arise and/or result from the sale, installation and/or use of these parts and services.


Customer Supplied Parts

We will not offer any warranty for any part provided by a customer. Labor will not be covered for any fitment issues or incorrect supplied parts.


Catalytic Converters

Mofab LLC WILL NOT install exhaust components on a customer’s car which do not have a catalytic converter(s). No test pipes are allowed nor will be installed.



If you are concerned about passing an emissions test. DO NOT MODIFY YOUR CAR. We can not and will not guarantee or promise a passing emissions test result. We try our best to meet the local regulatory standards for emissions requirements, with that said there are many factors that affect emissions. The largest is the quality of the catalytic converter itself. If you have extensive modifications to your vehicle such as large injectors, camshafts, turbo’s supercharger’s…God Speed.


Completion Time

Due to many unforeseen circumstances of automotive product development on large scale projects we regret that we can only estimate and not promise a completion time.


Dyno Testing

  • If you are here for dyno services, please make sure your car is READY. We provide a pre-dyno inspection at no cost, but if the car is unable to pass and/or has multiple issues, but you are a “do it yourselfer”, we will charge for our time to tell you what it needs. If we fix the issues it has in house, we will waive the deposit loss. Being ready to dyno-test consists of the following
    • Recent oil change
    • Having your oil level to spec!!
    • Coolant level is full
    • Fuel
      • 91 octane or higher fresh fuel of at least a half tank.
      • Ethanol only (E85) of fresh fuel of at least a half tank. You are responsible for the content that we tune on and maintaining that.
      • Flex fuel tunes require between 1/4 and 1/3 tank of fresh 91 octane and we will use our ethanol to complete the tune unless you supply your own. Generally E98 is required to get content high enough for a tune (E60-E85 is not enough).
    • NO vacuum leaks.
    • NO boost leaks.
    • NO oil or coolant leaks.
    • NO fuel leaks.
    • Properly gapped and heat-ranged spark plugs.
    • Good alignment, tires and torques to spec lug nuts.
    • Transmission oil is in acceptable condition and level.
    • Clutch is rated for the power you are trying to make.
  • If we did not build your car YOU will be billed for the Dyno test in full, and we will be pulling the vehicle off of the dyno for diagnostic, or for you to take it. When you fix the issues or have us fix the issues, the dyno test will be billed out at $300/hr until repairs are complete. We did not build your car, and we are not responsible if it has issues, so if you don’t want to waste your money or our time, Make sure your car is ready for the Dyno test. Because there are so many dangers associated with the Dynamometer. NO ONE is allowed in the test-cell.
  • The dynamometer is a tool for producing repeatable data in a controlled environment. We will do our best to hit your desired horsepower and torque figures, but we can not and will not promise any horsepower and torque figures EVER.
  • The customer’s vehicle, as found, is in proper condition to be operated by Mofab LLC on the dynamometer, to the rev-limiter, for either baseline testing or dyno-tuning.


We always do our best to accommodate cars inside at night and over the weekend, but we have limited space. During the day your car will likely be stored outside in our back lot because we are an operating shop. We need the rack space and to move cars in and out. We are not responsible for hail, wind, flood or any other type of weather related damage that may happen to your vehicle while here.



All vehicles, projects, or work completed must be picked up within five (5) business days of completion. If not, a lot fee of $30 per day will be assessed on your final bill before a pickup can be made.


High Mileage Vehicle Disclosure (where applicable)

  • The undersigned acknowledges that their vehicle has in excess of 100,000 miles on the engine and/or chassis, which is categorized as a high mileage vehicle. Therefore the full service history of this vehicle may or may not be known. As such, high mileage vehicles may not be suited to the added stress imposed by performance modifications.
  • The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that in contracting with Mofab LLC shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any failures of this vehicle. Thus, resulting from the elective purchase of any performance parts, performance services and/or dynamometer testing/tuning services.

The customer understands and agrees with this Waiver/Disclaimer, per above.

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